Engineered Cable Bus Systems

Cable Bus by Designed Systems Enterprises offer a reliable and economical system to transmit large amounts of power between a plant power source and primary load centers, (generator to transformer, transformer to switchgear, switchgear to switchgear, or as a utility service connection).

Engineered for Reliability

Cable Bus Systems are reliable because the cables are completely surrounded and protected by the enclosure. The cables are field installed without any splicing, eliminating potential weak points in the system. The enclosure is ventilated to keep the cable conductors within temperature limits and the system itself can withstand the mechanical forces from a short circuit.

Engineered for Economy

Cable Bus is economical because with the enclosure ventilation and maintained cable spacing the cables are capable of higher ampacities than a random lay of cable or a conduit and wire system. The aluminum enclosure allows less support material than required with other systems and for installing sections of enclosure without special lift equipment. A complete set of installation drawings insures a quick and accurate installation, keeping total installed costs down.
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